PEFCO’s stock is owned by 24 commercial banks, 2 financial services company, and six industrial companies.

PEFCO's stock is owned by 24 commercial banks, two financial services company, and six industrial companies. In the case of the commercial banks, the shares are owned directly or through an affiliate. Ownership and transferability of the common stock of PEFCO are restricted to "Qualified Investors". As defined in the By-laws, a "Qualified Investor" is a financial institution or a corporation engaged in producing or exporting United States products or services. Under PEFCO’s By-laws, no shareowner may own more than 18% of the outstanding shares. The following is a list of shareowners as of May 1, 2023:

Commercial Banks Number of Shares
Bank of America 1,924
The Bank of New York Mellon 702
Bank of the West 79
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. 38
Citibank, N.A. 1,507
Citizens Financial Group, Inc. 1,549
Deutsche Bank 1,066
HSBC USA Inc. 441
ING Capital LLC 267
Investec Investments Ltd. 108
JPMorgan Chase & Co. 2,937
Key Bank 165
Natixis 738
Paribas North America, Inc. 367
PNC Bank Corp. 503
Regions Bank 20
Silicon Valley Bancshares 42
Société Générale 100
Standard Chartered Bank 300
Sterling National Bank & Trust Company 39
UPS Capital Business Credit 431
U.S. Bank N.A. 500
Wells Fargo & Company 816
Financial Services Companies Number of Shares
AirFinance Leasing LLC 417
Assured Guaranty Corp. 212
Industrial Companies Number of Shares
ABB, Inc. 80
The Boeing Company 1,425
General Electric Company 567
KBR, Inc. 113
Textron Inc 40
United Technologies Company 200
TOTAL 17,786